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    This Week in Universal News: A Hovercraft Crosses the English Channel, 1959:

    HOVERCRAFT SKIMS CHANNEL: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the first flight across the English Channel, Britain’s saucer-shaped “Hovercraft” skims from Calais to Dover, only inches above the surface.

    Clip from Universal News, Volume 32, Release 61, Stories #1-4A, July 30, 1959

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    Happy Birthday Milton Friedman!


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    Reporters in Gaza have a difficult time reporting the truth about Hamas’s disregard for civilian live. They face intense scrutiny and often put their lives in danger if they reveal how the Palestinian terror organization routinely uses human shields against Israel.

    This week, the press went…

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    Disney Princesses as sloths.

    but why

    why not

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    It’s like his snoring got so bad that his wife left him and now he’s just forever alone with his extra-strength Breathe Right strips

    maybe the strips were so effective that he inhaled his wife

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    Fred Rogers Acceptance Speech - 1997

    Always reblog Mr. Rogers

    When I read the last one


    the chills

    no plz i am not ready for these feels

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  9. The text is a bit self-righteous; but BY GOD DOES THAT MAN HAVE A ZIP-UP SUIT JACKET??

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    How WWI changed the world

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