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    I want money




    and glory


    Kim knows what’s up

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    Happy Birthday Lucille Desiree Ball | August 6, 1911 - April 26, 1989

    “She is one of the few individuals in history to be on a solely first name basis with the world: Marilyn, Elvis, Lucy. She was a national treasure. She remains a world icon, recognizable from Tallahassee to Timbuktu from Paduach to Peru. No other performer in any medium of either sex has inspired the devotion and generated the international love and appreciation that she has. Said one admirer: “Lucy…is a common denominator for nations, continents, and hemispheres, doing in entertainment what others have not accomplished in professional diplomacy.” - Women Pioneers in Television

    "The sun never sets on Lucille Ball. All over this worried world tonight, nations of untold millions are watching reruns they also watched the first time around. Joy requires no translation. God wanted the world to laugh, and he invented you. Many were called, but you were chosen. All of the funny hats, the baggy pants, the mustaches and the wigs, and the pratfalls and and the blacked out teeth - they didn’t fool us one minute. We saw through all the disguises, and what we found inside is more than what we deserve." - Sammy Davis, Jr.

    "She’s given the world so much darn enjoyment, Lucille Ball is the best loved star in show business." - Ed Sullivan

    "One of the greatest gifts to mankind is laughter, and one of the greatest gifts to laughter is Lucille Ball. God has her now, but thanks to television, we’ll have her forever." - Bob Hope 

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    Fascinating little social experiment by Julie Borowski. 

    It’s almost like people would do good, responsible things with their freedom.

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    if you’re about to die, might as well try.


    oh shit

    he puts his hands up like he’s pleading and catches the guy completely off guard. i mean. he’s got a gun. guy’s on his knees. he feels totally safe and in control of the situation. then the guys hands are right next to the gun and he surprises him and immediately tilts the weapon up and away from him and yanks the arm down while thrusting his legs forward to kneecap the guy and manages to wrench the gun away

    so shit now the second guy is on the ground with probably a broken knee and no gun and the first guy has the weapon and is fucking free and clear remember this me you need to remember this

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    Watch it in video

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    And now I’m trying to touch my right elbow with my right hand.

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    Ice Bucket Challenge Fail Compilation

    you know those kids dead

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    Case closed. [@neiltyson]


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    Perfect timing. 

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    Taylor Swift climbing the charts with her new album #nohate

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    The walking dead// Rick Grimes dad jokes


    this is the post that has cheered me up LMAO

    Because with everything going on in the world (the Christian holocaust, Ferguson, countless other acts of senseless violence), we need bad dad jokes.

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